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Rass Mandal was originally designed & constructed by a direct descendant of the daughter of Emperor Akbar of India (1542 – 1605), sister to Shah Jahan who built the Taj Mahal.  Its architecture is quite unique being a fusion of US southwestern construction materials and Asian design.

Get away from the ordinary and enter the enchanting landscape of the Sangre de Cristo foothills. Rass Mandal is a unique vacation and retreat rental in Santa Fe, NM, ideal for family reunions, women’s outings, yoga and similar gatherings. The home comfortably accommodates 10 guests in 6 bedrooms. The residence is in a private and picturesque location, high in the Sangre de Cristo foothills. It is located just off the Old Santa Fe Trail, yet it is only 10 minutes from the Plaza in the center of Santa Fe. 

Make a Reservation Now to Secure Your Place

Book space for your group at our vacation rental online by following this link [Rass Mandal on VRBO]. You can view a full list of our amenities, as well as our most up-to-date calendar of reservation openings. Guests are also invited to contact our owner online with any questions or concerns.

Explore the Beauty of the Sangre de Cristo Foothills

By just stepping out the front door of the Rass Mandal you can begin exploring the beauty of the Sangre de Cristo foothills. You can either hike or mountain bike the Ponderosa Ridge to Hidden Valley Road down to Wilderness Gate Road and right into town via Canyon Road or the Old Santa Fe Trail.

There are so many choices to enjoy, allowing you to renew both your body and your spirit with nature’s healing power. If you are lucky, you may spot coyotes, mule deer, and a variety of songbirds and birds of prey while you are out exploring.

Please visit this link for an interactive tour of Rass Mandal

 Virtual Tour of Rass Mandal

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The video below is an aerial view of the Rass Mandal complex.  From this vantage, you can see that the main residence is in a slightly U shape.  When Nyssia Wali envisioned the construction, it was her intention to make it represent a bird with the center room representing the main body of the bird and to either side representing the wings.  The building in the lower left is the screened-in yoga pavilion.  The small building to the right is the cabin with its own deck.




Thank you for visiting our  website!  For more information regarding availability to stay at Rass Mandal and rent the entire residence, please visit the VRBO reservations website (listed to the right).


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