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Santa Fe rests at an altitude of +7,000 feet and is nestled at the base of 12,000-foot mountains. Rass Mandal is at 7840 feet so the temperatures will vary a bit from those in the table and the stars are magnificent.   Although Santa Fe is in a high mountain desert, our weather has four distinct but hospitable seasons. We receive an average of 14 inches of rain annually and enjoy 320+ days of sunshine a year (more than Florida!), with an average relative humidity comfortably below 35 percent.  Evenings are cool even in summer, and winter generally brings snow for skiers. The rain showers of the summer monsoon season usually start up in the afternoon and last for an hour or two at most, leaving the rest of the day sunny and the evening pleasant and cool.  The stars are so awesome up at Rass Mandal (elevation 7840 feet); please consider that you’ll likely want to be out gazing some of the night.

Given the above, when you visit, please remember to hydrate and hydrate often.  You should also consider sunscreen just to avoid any chance of burning.

Santa Fe Weather Chart


15°F to 43°F (-9° to -6°C) 
Light to heavy snow possible, plenty of sunshine


21°F to 49°F (-6° to 9°C) 
Still plenty of snow, the sun often melts it by afternoon


26°F to 56°F (-3°C to 13°C) 
Occasional light snow or rain – the Plaza starts to come alive


30°F to 64°F (-1° to 18°C) 
Light rain showers possible, as the flowers begin to bloom.


37°F to 72°F (-3°C to 22°C) 
Comfortably warm spring sunshine, occasional light rains


47°F to 82°F (8°C to 28°C)
 Santa Fe life swings in the warm dry weather


52°F to 84°F (11°C to 29°C)
Warm and dry mornings with refreshing afternoon monsoon rains for about an hour or so


51°F to 81°F (11°C to 27°C)
 Brief afternoon thundershowers relieve the heat of the day


44°F to 75°F (7°C to 24°C)
 Everyone heads outdoors to enjoy the approach of fall


34°F to 67°F (3°C to 19°C)
Crisp and sunny, the leaves are turning


24°F to 55°F (-4°C to 13°C)
 Bundle up for a crisp, clear autumn


16°F to 48°F (-9°C to 9°C) 
Step out in a scarf or snuggle by the fire – snow may be in the air

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