Rass Mandal was originally designed & constructed by a direct descendant of the daughter of Emperor Akbar of India (1542 – 1605), sister to Shah Jahan who built the Taj Mahal.  Its architecture is quite unique being a fusion of US southwestern construction materials and Asian design.

An enchanting and serene abode of beauty, peace and harmony in which resides a many splendor nectar of spiritual awakening, presently lying dormant and seeking to arouse in man an awe inspiring many dimensional awakening, out of his present illusory existence, into an all encompassing divinity.  May God’s choicest blessings be showered on the owners, Richard and his family, and all his future residential guests, and may God arouse in them a tingle of serious and divine inquisitiveness.
Major General N C Khanna ( retired )
New Delhi, India

Thank you for visiting our  website!  For more information regarding availability to stay at Rass Mandal and rent the entire residence, please visit the HomeAway reservations website (listed to the right).



View from our Knoll


Right from the front door of Rass Mandal, you can either hike or mountain bike the Ponderosa Ridge to Hidden Valley Road down to Wilderness Gate Road and right into town via Canyon Road or the Old Santa Fe Trail.  There are so many choices to enjoy – renewing both the body and spirit!  Additionally, if lucky on the walk, you may spot coyotes, mule deer and a variety of birds and birds of prey.

Rass Mandal Backyard Mandala Room


Shibana Class

Shibana leading a Yoga class

Fire Pit at Party

Rass Mandal has been selected as one of the top luxury rentals in all of New Mexico and the United States.  There are almost 300,000 vacation rentals in the US of which approximately 2000 have been chosen for this honor.  Rass Mandal is 1 of 10 of those residences that are located in New Mexico.

White Janssen Homing Pigeons reside at Rass Mandal :-)

photo 2

Sunrises, Sunsets & Rainbows

Sunrise at Rass Mandal

Sunset Magic

Rainbow Magic

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. I lead a wonderful and empowering Goddess Retreat at Rass Mandal in September 2014 with yoga and guided meditation. I am a certified yoga teacher and am available to come teach for your gathering. Please contact me at beth@energyhealingteacher.com or call 505.310.3160 to book me as your yoga teacher or to lead a guided meditation for your group.

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